The Beast

The Beast

The animal within grows anxious

A pacing beast of claw and teeth

Eyes fixed, eyes deep, eyes hungry

A mouth bites like scythe meeting the flesh of plums

Strong, fierce, my bones desperately gnawing against yours


Legs leap finding grip in your shoulders, your hips

They tangle, wrapped snakes and tiger tails; whipping; twitching

Sat on top, prey caught, looking down upon a flushed face

Reaching in, salt on the skin, a flourishing tongue


Oh the sweetness of surrender.

Oh the sweetness of success.


Biting into your neck, my prey, my catch.

Like a beast feeding upon your noises. Your touch. Your warmth within.

Breath escapes, careening out like a billow of soul.

Searching for a place to land, hide, arching towards heaven

My mouth captures it, essence flowing in, becoming part of me


Bodies coming together, apart

Magnets, planets, trapped in each others force and field.


Oh, the ending. Salving my thirst, that hunger

Freed from my belly, like an eagle forcing wings

Out. Out from my mouth, a cry like the howl of Wolf.

Groaning against the weight of the stars

Exploding within my bosom, little fizzing blossoms

Shooting across your midnight eyes.


My mouth on your neck, on your mouth

Breathing in your exhaustion, your satisfaction

Wet from my swim in that deep water of your spirit

Licking up the dew drops that fell upon the open

Field of your nape, the wave of your lips, curling down



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