Up Love Springs

Up Love Springs

I am immune to the others

Like pale-colored stones

Rocky and moved underneath my feet

They are smooth, yes love, they are cool to my touch

But you are the rare prize


Up springs love!


You are the glimmer in the river

Your eyes, deep pools,

Drowning my thoughts, absolving my heart

Your skin a warmed beach that I lay my eyes upon, my hands

Bathing in your touch, the space of your back, the curve of your waist.


Up springs love!


You are the rolling of waves in my hair

The caress on my skin

Without a touch, making my heartbeat leap

Like the salmon in the spring.

You pull me in, cradling me, lifting me up and moving me around.


Up springs love!


Take me to your river and wash my soul

I am but yours, only a collection of limbs

Moving with your wet fingers

Placed upon my neck, my thigh

Silent, floating, out into the surrender of twilight

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