The Galaxy Mage

The Galaxy Mage

Dew on your blackened nose.
Creature of fire
Eyes of coal.
Burning down deep in my soul.

You are the flame that
Lights up the dusk
Flickering dance
My eyes follow, entranced.

Oh your warmth, fur whisping up and around the shallow set branches of fern.

Oh your quickness, foot silent and firm upon the uneven bed of barley thickness.

Follow your trail into the wood.
White tipped tail
Midnight foot
Bounding over steam and root.

You slip between these aged trunks.
Ghost of twilight, guardian.
Misty woodland sage
Solitude is your only wage.

Oh the envy of your jealous fellows, watching from thicket, voices bellow.

Oh the joy of a feet like wind, the mimic of undergrowth pounded by kin.

Like Loki, you keep
One foot in the shadows
One in the light
Soul of mischievous delight.

You flick your tail
Combustion spells cast
Lighting up the ethereal greys
The blue light playing on my face.

Oh how your spell does bind, mage of wisdom drunk with wine.

Oh the twisting of your tricks, celestial whirling aged and thick.

Laughing as you go
Trailing off into the dark
The shadows caught within your fur
Sly lupine face, seemingly demure.

Off you go, little light-foot
The hungry woodland waits for you.
A galaxy caught within your eye
Oh what a little, clever disguise.

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