Give and Take

Give and Take

Take a read.

Take a listen.

Take my heart, my hands, my kissing.


Take away this shallow regret,

Of sleepless nights

Of lonely beds.


All the times hope fell down

Upon the rocks of mortal grounds.

Like feral hands of children learned

They do not have their love returned.


Oh how fragile full hearts grow,

The love for you you’ll never know.

One small prick sends waves abroad

To ships that sail with weapons drawn.


Thistle, bramble, weeping vine

That drank my blood when we entwined.

Upon the hedge I left my mark,

My lily body both cold and stark.


How I waited, how I groaned

With demand of kings who’d been dethroned.

My high tower a blatant example

Of why men give up what they can’t handle.


How they must bow in gracious pleasure,

For his mere presence to them is treasure.

But I am wolf, not a sniveling dog,

With pride I choose a prince, not frogs.


So with heed, do take my face

Upon my lips set your embrace

Teach to me what love might mean

When it’s more than a clever scheme.


I give to you my fox’s eye,

A sharp coal burning, a wily fire.

My jovial leaping, my arching back

A moan, a bite finds what I lack.


How lovely the way you lower me down,

A flushed sheet, security found.

Within your mind, you tell it all.

A stroke, a scent, a chemical draw.


My autumn hair,

My spring light lips,

The sweep of your

Rough hands on hips.


Warmed with passion

Built on flames

Fine as promises worn with age.


Breathe in deep,

Message expressed,

A musical note upon the flesh.


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