Too Far

Too Far

Strings of emotion straining at attention

Every cell remembering your face, your smell

Each body in the crowd, a warm memory of you

Each glance towards them a disappointment.


Your wings lifted you up so suddenly, I was taken aback

Standing too close to the edge, I stumbled back against the thin air

A gauze of insecurity that I broke through as I fell

So hard I landed, no feathers as you. You were my home.


How comforting was your touch, you hugging me against your chest

So deep it felt like I had found that solid and warm place inside

And suddenly you’re gone. And I feel that a hole has opened

What mighty wind could have called you away so forcefully?


How I adored tracing the line of your jaw, the black heather of your nape.

How I loved exploring the hills and caverns of your muscles

The supple plum of your lips, the green ring of forest that falls upon my bareness.

The slicing grace of your shoulder blades, your hips.


How I recall your voice, tentative but harsh

Smothering my thoughts as we lay together, warm in our cocoon.

A gentle hushing like waves on my pale shores

Your laugh jovial against the cavern walls, your hair wet.


All the others must adore you, your rasping touch

What am I to you but a single blue forgetmenot

Amoung the field of rose petals? Just a small token among

Boastings of love. It will not take you long to find another.


My shock turned to pain and disappointment

My anger born from a place of stolen moments

My feelings a rough stone against my flesh

And a confusion unto my heart and mind.


I stood watching in bleak surrender, taillights

You were too far yet to cry out, to feel my touch

I sat with the words in my hands like pathetic

gifts of the heart, simple, blunt and true.


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