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Here’s a little seriousness to brighten your day…followed by your daily shot of funny which will have you nodding.


Life is full of ironic moments. Full of oxymorons. Full of contradictions to what we think we know.

In order to open ourselves up to people, we need to be strong. We need to be strong enough to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Within our vulnerability is the miracle that is human existence. We’re at the “top of the food chain”. We’re suppose to be strong able predators, ruling over the animals with our intellect and ingenuity. No fear, no weakness, no sign of struggle. But the truth is, our greatest times of character, growth, and wisdom often come from being vulnerable for a moment.

And, as it is with the circle of life, it is the moments that we are vulnerable that make us stronger people. We’re stronger by knowing our limits and knowing ourselves. We’re stronger by bonding together with others. It costs us something to be vulnerable, and though we don’t always succeed when we open ourselves up, we can become stronger and wiser if we allow ourselves to avoid bitterness.

I am learning a lesson in this. I’m trying to allow myself to be vulnerable, but also to be strong and risk that the person might not accept my vulnerability. That they may turn away and leave me cold. But what choice do I have but to risk it? What other choice is there than to love and put myself out there? I only have now.

Another irony?

Many people have described having children as the most important moment in their life. It was the thing that made them sure of things in the world: their place, their purpose, their position. Becoming a parent made them strong and sure people. Becoming a parent helped them find out who they are.

And yet, as parents, we struggle. Are we doing the right thing? Are we messing our kids up?

Recently, I’ve had a few doubts myself. Undoubtedly, becoming a parent made me strong, even before my kid was born. It pushed me into making choices I should have made beforehand. It gave me a reason to be a better “me”. But, at the same time I wonder what kind of job I’m doing. Watching a movie preview recently had me turning things over in my mind.

“Will we be parents? Or just two people with a kid?”

I suddenly couldn’t think what made a parent. I had one of those “I knew a moment ago” moments. Was I being a good parent? I had been gone at work quite a bit lately. I was worried The Kid would forget me. That he’d begin to like someone else better. Was I just a person, a woman, with a kid? Or was I a parent? I tried to divvy down what it meant to be a parent in every sense.

Food, clothing, shelter, schooling..but then I thought of other things. Other things that meant just as much, if not more, but weren’t tangible. Things I couldn’t touch. Love, laughter, beauty, patience, encouragement, diligence, wisdom, etc. Things I vow to give my child, but can’t be bought or held. That’s what makes a parent. All the other stuff that makes up “you”. It takes giving your kids time and energy. It takes setting the example and really getting to know them. It takes a great many things.

So, no. I am not just a person with a kid. I am a parent.

Becoming a parent may have brought me new doubts..but it has undoubtably brought me new strength.

Other bouts of irony and Murphy’s law (for a lighter tone):

The toaster having a setting that burns the toast into something no decent person would eat.

Round pizzas coming in square boxes.

Less opportunity for acquiring a love life when you’re finally old enough and wise enough to appreciate it.

The rain after you wash you car.

Getting a book idea that you finally finish, and someone has such a similar one that yours is now nixed.

Wearing new shoes, and then having to tromp through the mud.

Finally having a moment where you fall asleep for a nap, and the phone rings incessantly.

Buying rain boots…then comes the drought.

Dogs who stick out their heads out windows when you’re driving but get mad when you blow in their face.

Getting the victory of the last slice of cake, and then spilling your plate all over the dog’s head.

Getting two fruitcake for the holidays.

Signs declaring that no signs should be posted.

On the days you dress up, you see no one important.

On the day you are a mess, seeing the guy you like.

Painting everyday for a week, and the one day you aren’t preapared..a huge glob of paint covers your head. (true story!)

Taking the dogs on a “walk” and just before you leave they bolt out the door and you chase them all around for a couple of hours.

“Do not feed the panda” sign becomes a reality and not a cute attraction.

Things painted with flames that catch on fire.

statements written on things that contradict the statement.

License plates.

The song playing when you got into a car wreck.

The term “free”.

Nurses named “Payne”…or Jenny (if you’re a Pokemon nerd, you get it).

Granola smoothie.

Smart phones owned by dumb people.

Smart cars owned by dumb people.

Dead end signs at cemeteries.

Anarchist groups.

Things used to put out fires, on fire…(trucks, firehouse, fire extinguisher, fire hydrant..need more be said?)

Animal activists getting beaten up by animals.

Eating almost all of the yogurt before you ask yourself “does this taste funny?” and see the mold.

Rain when you’re miles away from home on your bike.

A flat tire in the middle of nowhere.

Seeing the CAUTION sign after you’ve burned yourself.

Making comments before ironic moments.

Using being “sick” as an excuse..and then getting sick.

That’s all for now…

(I realize some of these are not irony. And that in some places I am using the actual definition of irony incorrectly, but hey…relax! Laugh a little! Before I start using awful grammar as well…don’t make me)

So, life’s full of irony people. Go out there and be amazed! Find joy and laughter. And most importantly..don’t burn the toast.


Things I Never Saw: Willy Wonka

Things I Never Saw: Willy Wonka

Do you ever watch a movie you watched as a kid and end up like, OOOOHH that’s what that was all about?

I do.

So, today I was watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the GOOD 1971 classic, not the new weirdo one with the squirrels. You 90’s kids know what I’m talking about) with my grandmother and my kid. Man, I love that movie. It was full of satire, people breaking into song, and lands beyond wonder.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but as a kid didn’t it seem like the part where the mom sings “Cheer up Charlie” lasted FOREVER?

I remember thinking, I don’t even know what this song is about. I’m going to fall asleep. Why is it taking so long?

But now when I watch it, the song lasted like 2 minutes. Wow. I had a short attention span.

And the meaning of the song is also new. I wouldn’t have really understood as I do now before I had a kid. She loves her son and hates to see him down and without hope. When she says that his smile is her sunshine, I totally understand. I love my boy, and when he smiles…it lights up my world. I want to give him everything and make it so that his smile never has to go away. That he would never be sad. And even if as a kid I would have paid attention long enough to know what the song was about, I wouldn’t have truly understood. And even as I sit there and really think about it, how must my mom feel when she sees me sometimes? When I’m bereft of hope and sad and dismal about my future? When I believe that I won’t find someone to love me? How much does she just want to see me smile and be joyous?

The song still sort of bores me, but on some level I actually enjoy it a bit more. Sorta.

I also never saw that Charlie’s mom was single. How did I miss that? Right in my face. She was working all the time, and in my mind..Well, I guess I just didn’t think about it. Hmmm.

Beyond that, how trippy was the tunnel with all the lights? Seemed like that scene lasted forever as well when I was young. Wonka was such a creeper in that scene. I mean, we all knew Wonka was a bit funky and a “do your own thing” dude, but that scene used to (and embarrassingly still does) make me a bit itchy behind the collar. I kept expecting him to suddenly start speaking in Latin and for his eyes roll to the back of his head or something.

EESH. But I suppose it gave him an edge, you never knew what to expect!

Now that I’m older I more thoroughly enjoy the little jokes and irony within the names of things and statements of the characters (Adding shoes to “give it a kick”…hilarious. And Wonka’s random statements, LOVE IT!). I love the “hand hangers” and the fact that Grandpa Joe was revived by the magical powers of golden tickets and hope (and a sing and dance number of course).

I also adore that ridiculous teacher of Charlie’s..”I’ve just decided to switch our Friday schedule to Monday, which means that the test we take each Friday on what we learned during the week will now take place on Monday before we’ve learned it. But since today is Tuesday, it doesn’t matter in the slightest”..Gotta love that humor.

It’s amazing how much life can change and how much it can change your perspective. Things you thought you were sure of once, are no longer are true. Things you thought you understood have now gained new depths.

Stay tuned for more Things I Never Saw!

Not So New News

Not So New News

News..that Breaks



          Rachel’s lawyers say it was an old statement that sparked the dispute, creating a heinous scene of frozen limbs and insecurity. The plight started the previous night when Rachel was speaking to a friend. It was said that she suddenly was reminded of something the previously mentioned “him” had said formerly, causing her to fall silent. After many attempts to revive her from the stupor with her name, she returned but was unable to continue the conversation. She was excused from the conversation with a “Gotta go, my parakeet has bowling lessons”, and hanging up. Afterward, she sat silently in a dark room and cried. But, in hating herself immediately for another win to the insecurity gang, she hastily swiped the tears away as if to say “no I wasn’t”. She thought it amazing at this time that one person’s words could render you broken, comparing them to drops in an endless sea of awareness and speech. Though she did not want to reveal the person sending the decidedly mindless and arrogant statement, she did give us a brief synopsis.

             “[He said], ‘The reason you suffered was because you are crazy, and no one else would take you. No else wants you. You are so low.’ And on top of it, his statement was dangerously close to combusting as it sat in proximity to ‘If you would have just taken it slow I might have graced you with my presence a while longer, but I’m still going to ‘eff’ you cause I can.’  I didn’t know what to do, I was stunned”

After a brief pause, the woman continued, eyes sparkling with an unnamed strength.

                “I like to think I deserve to be happy. Crazy thought right? Some don’t seem to agree with me. Imagine that. I’m smart, funny, talented in some things. I’m fun and loyal. I have an okay smile and I can do the “smolder” like no one I know. I like animals and kids in general. I’m hard-working. I can do elementary math. So, what did I do to deserve that? Ask for more? That was my crime? Not settling for less? Okay. Fine”.

At this time, confidence got wind of the statement and hastily advanced on the subject, thinking about it all night and into the next morning, at which time he was arrested for conspiracy, distribution, and murder of pride, dignity, and trust. It is not yet clear how confidence received the ammunition in order to complete his task, but numerous anonymous tips have pointed to “him”, lord of all things arrogant. With her confidence in full custody and awaiting trial, Rachel expressed concern for her safety and health, but did not find it prudent that such feelings existed. Love and Stupidity were also arrested for questioning as to their whereabouts during confidence’s arrest and the events leading up to the crime.

“We will be fine.” Was Rachel’s only comment on the case which is quickly spreading through word of mouth.

After her statement was taken, Rachel was hastily rushed to the back of a car and driven home, where she promptly curled up into a ball. She reiterated her previous claim that she did not how it came to be that her confidence was arrested, but posted bail. There will be a hearing on the 24th in order to determine guilt, but the trial may be postponed a month in order for the authorities to gather more evidence.


I’m still almost-slightly-not-exactly struggling with thoughts of the “him” I was speaking of earlier. Lucky me. Special me. Stupid me.

In case you couldn’t tell.

Learning “Mom”, the single way: Vol. 2

Learning “Mom”, the single way: Vol. 2


They are all that parents talk about. My kid is crawling now. My kid is walking. My kid is eating solid foods and sleeping through the night.

My kid’s first two teeth have poked through and he’s actually crawling (though he often gets frustrated and whines like bad brakes on a car). I’m so excited! It’s changing his look so much to be getting teeth and more hair. Such a little man already. I can’t wait to see who he will become as he gets older. He charms all the ladies and they coo at him or talk to him like he was older. “He’s trouble” they say, grinning. And I smile too, because he’s happy. He also is dancing, which is a very cute version of horizontally based head banging. He twists his head and body side to side and shakes his fists. He makes me happy when he’s happy.

As a single, I look forward to these milestones with trepidation but also joy. Part of it means that my baby is growing up a little too fast for my own comfort. I relish in the small accomplishments, feeling like a thief as I steal the memories for later. I could say I hoard these moments, simply because telling the story later on is little equivalent of the excitement I felt at first sight. And yet…part of me is agitated. Sharing these joys with a partner would make them that much more sweet. It would seem real. Not that it’s not real. He’s growing and changing, that’s all too very real. But, it’s almost as if a piece is missing. I can call my mom to tell her, but she’s done this before and it’s not as exciting as it is for me. This leads to me dummy-ing down my excitement, so much so that, at times, I fail to even let myself feel it. I long for someone to call in the middle of the day and to celebrate with me. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but when I think of how it will feel to have that, it feels different.

I hurt. I hurt for my son, who is without a father. I hurt for myself, who is alone. But I am lucky. I am loved and have people around to love him. They are there for me and I’m blessed. But it doesn’t hurt any less. Sometimes I sit there and wonder why it hurts so badly. Why do I long for someone so much? I know it wouldn’t necessarily be any easier to deal with the stress and such, but I think I’d feel differently about my lot, myself, and my frustrations. So, I guess that counts. We may not be meant to live longer than our children, but it often feels like we are also not meant to raise them alone. Like it’s against nature. I know there are some women (and men) out there who can and do handle it. Maybe they even chose it for themselves. But I’m not one of them. I will do it. I do accomplish it well. But I feel alone.  

Sometimes, the choice of “no choice” is the easiest one to make. I have none. So I just do it.

At times I feel disconnected, as I’m sure many of the single parents do. I feel apart from myself. As if I’m going through the proper motions, but willing myself not to feel. I don’t know what kind of mother I am. I try my best. I love my kid. I want to give him everything he needs and more. Yet, at times I feel as a stranger to myself. Who am I? Maybe it’s my muting of my own excitement. Maybe it’s the reality of doing it alone and feeling like I must be strong. I don’t want to whine too much. I shouldn’t cry. I just sometimes feel as though I’m unfeeling. Not “not feeling”. Unfeeling, like the opposite of an emotion. I don’t know how to describe it, but it leaves a hole in my chest and confusion on my face. Maybe it’s just a parent thing. Maybe it’s just a “me” thing.

 I feel like I’m not loving him enough. That I didn’t do a good enough job ensuring his future before he was even conceived. That I have failed and I’m trying to catch up. Maybe it was the loss of my “together family” ideal. As a kid, that’s where babies came in. You got married, you tried hard, and POOF..a baby. Not, “oops a baby”. That came when you were in your forties and had the child that was separated by 10 years from your other kids.

Yesterday, I went to the store. I bought almost 50 dollars worth of diapers, wipes, shampoo and sleep pants for my kid. There I am, standing at the register thinking about my ex…

Where are you now? Do you even know how much I sacrifice? You’ve wasted your existence and I’m stuck here doing everything alone because I picked one of the “never-get-fixed-er-uppers”. I’m spending money I barely have. You suck.

It’s not that I actually want his help. I will survive without it. If I have to sell my left kidney I’ll do it. It just all comes down to the discussion of “rights”.

I’m all for the present father, two parents working together evenly for a common goal of raising the kid right. I am. But, sometimes that’s just a bad idea. Or a fantasy. Rights are earned. Everyday I pushed for my kid. Everyday I had a huge belly and couldn’t sleep and was being eaten alive by my heartburn. Everyday my back hurts. Everyday I walked to the store for diapers or wipes or a jacket. Every night I woke up a thousand times because he was teething. Every night I woke up a thousand times to puke or my whole bed being wet because his diaper leaked. Every time he bit me while I was sleeping and kicks my stomach while I try to rest, so that I get up and have a stomach ache. Everyday I played with him, encouraged him to eat, and took him for a walk. Every time I don’t buy something so that he can have something else. Everyday I went to my appointments alone and talked to people about their experiences in order to gain a ground-level understanding. Everyday I filled out paperwork and snatched my pride back from people who looked at me like I was trash. THAT, ladies and gents, is love. That is fighting for your kid.

He may call himself anything he wants. He can call himself the Queen of England for all I care. But I’m the one fighting the good fight. I’m the one who doesn’t give up, and knows that there is not even the choice when it comes to my kid.

I’m here.

  He can do however many drugs he wants, or drink and call it “moderation”, or play video games until he drops. His choice. Herbert Kaufman once said, “Failure is only postponed success as long as courage ‘coaches’ ambition. The habit of persistence is the habit of victory”. I am victorious everyday, because I have courage. He tells me I keep him from seeing his child (despite months of no communication on his part). He says he hates that I have The Kid. I only asked for persistence and consistency. Not a unicorn-drawn carriage. You would have thought I asked for his heart in return. No.  I asked that he act like a grown-up. It’s my fault his life is awful, he says. It’s my fault that he lost his job or told me that he’d sooner die than quit drugs all the way. It’s always everyone else’s fault. I gave up things too. I sacrificed more than he’ll ever understand.

I sacrificed my body. I sacrificed my time. I sacrificed music, and language. I sacrificed sleep. I sacrificed sanity. I sacrificed my mind. I stole away love to give to him. I stole moments from myself, to give to him. I laid my pride, my need to be right, and my ability to look good in a bikini, on the altar of love for my son. I sacrificed my need to be approved and fix things. I sacrificed control. I lost “me” and gained “mommy”. And I had to murder. I laid to rest my picture of “us” together. I had to sacrifice my love of someone who I know is bad for me and my son, but who I deeply care about, so that we could be happy. He would have smothered me, but I would have stayed. If not for The Kid. My ex was my mistake, and The Kid did not deserve to pay for that. He wouldn’t mean to be cruel. He might not even “remember” it. But, he’d do it anyway. And I wanted more for my baby. I had to kill our love to have The Kid’s. I had to murder it in broad daylight. All my hopes and dreams and desires. All the things I thought I could fix. All the words I wanted to say. I had to kill it. Kill the thought he could ever change. Murder the idea of him as a “one day he’ll be better”. Cut off the leg of everything I’d come to cling to and let it bleed out. It wasn’t easy. I thought I’d die, as I could feel the stress in my body tightening and battling what my mind knew was right. It felt like being crushed inward. But I did it. I survived. I got away.

Doing it alone is much less scary than doing it with someone who is out of control. Whether they are abusive mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Whether they are cheating on you with drugs, alcohol, work, or people. It’s cheating if he can’t choose you or your baby over those things. Whether he steals your happiness. Whether he beats you down with words or his fist. Whether he hurts your friends or family. Whether he pushes you down to feel big. It’s less scary to wake up at night and wonder how you’re going to make it, than it is to wake up and wonder how you’re still alive with the deep scars you have. Don’t wake up and wonder how you got here, wake up and know.

So, for all you doing it solo out there…Go you! You can do it. Be strong. Stay strong. You’ll be amazed in the end of the beauty you’ve created. Absorb the little moments, the ones that will pass without a word. Let the love of your child seep in, so innocent and beautiful and non-judgemental. They love you. You love them. It’s your journey together. Take in the sunshine.

Learning “Mom”, the single way: Vol. 1

Learning “Mom”, the single way: Vol. 1

So, for all you singles doing the parent thing out there, I feel your pain.

People, I think, give this adorning title to single parents. And not that we don’t deserve it. But frankly, it’s a pain. I feel like there’s all this pressure for me to be a certain way, and if I’m not I fall into the other side of the category where I sit at home and watch soap operas while I eat bon bons and let my kid cry while sitting alone. Which of course is not true.

Nevertheless, they never tell you or can prepare you for how ridiculously hard it’s going to be. Even with someone like me, who lives with family and has many people there for her, I get overwhelmed at times. I feel like a burden and an annoyance.

Her baby is crying again. Her baby needs a diaper change and I’m holding it. Her baby is waking me up. This IS NOT my baby. It shouldn’t be my responsibility.

I know they probably are not thinking this all the time, or maybe even some of the time, but I feel it. It is my kid. It is my responsibility. It was my choice to choose the wrong person and endanger myself of getting pregnant (even if they call it “safe” sex). I played Craps, and I won something I didn’t (at the time) know I wanted. And it isn’t their kid.

Not having a partner is a bit like playing golf with one hand. The games are long and tedious. Sometimes the noise messes up your shot. You’re thinking of all the obstacles. You’re testing the wind. And you somehow, even despite your determination and defiance at being anything but capable, know you’re playing at half mast. You’re missing an arm for heaven’s sake! And without it, your aim seems ever so slightly off.

Still, I do my best. I try and I learn. I suppose that happens with any parent, single or not. I wasn’t as prepared to be a parent as some people. I didn’t have years to plan it. I didn’t have someone to dream with or do research. I knew one day I would be a mom, I just didn’t know when and I figured it would come naturally. That I was given a sense that would magically kick in at the appearance of a bundle in a blanket.

So, everyday is a learning process. I mean, I haven’t done anything detrimental. But, I have looked incredibly silly. For instance, The Kid didn’t get his first real bath for like ten days (someone tell me you’ve made an equally embarrassing mistake). I simply didn’t know. I had dogs. They get a bath every two weeks to a month. I came to my mom one day and was like,

“Ummm, when do I bathe him?”

 “You haven’t given him a bath yet?”


I suppose she thought it was funny. She laughed hysterically while I stood by looking forlorn.

 “He is a human you know? He gets baths same as you.” 

I felt immediately stupid. How did I not know that? So obvious that I missed it completely. Go me.

So, it’s been a fun little journey starting out. But as tired and frustrated as I can get some days, I couldn’t be happier or more excited. I look at other little kids and can’t wait til I see who my little guy will become.

What will be his favorite color? What will his voice sound like? Will he want to be Superman?

It’s an exciting time. A scary time, yes. A hard time, always. But a really great time. When days get hard I remind myself that I’ll never have this time with him back. I will probably long to turn the clock around to when he was small, but I won’t be able to do it. Today is all I have. When he’s crying, when he’s covered in food, when he eats my drawing, when he pulls out the dogs hair…and…when he dances, when he laughs, when he hugs me, when he looks at me with adoring eyes..through all these times, I only have right now to appreciate them.

People often talk about regret as wishing you’d done something different. But, it can also be wishing you’d basked in the beauty of your life while you could. One day I will laugh at the fact I was woken up every half hour while my kid was teething. I will revel in the intimate moments we had in the mornings while golden light filtered through the blinds. I will wish for those days again, so now’s the time to enjoy them. No regrets.

I have become my parents. The laughing watchful eyes. The one who makes crazy sounds and dances to make my baby smile. The worrier. The one who loses time and sleep. The one-handed eater slash giver of my food. It’s an amazing transformation and not one I would have thought would grip me so hard and so suddenly. You really don’t realize until it happens.

Singles, you may not feel like you have the proper time for your kid. Separation anxiety is a parent-heart killer. But, it’s going to be okay. Though right now you feel like you’re an awful parent, that they’ll hate you, and that everyone’s judging you..DONT. You’re doing it all right. You’re doing your best. And that’s enough. Kids are more observant than we give them credit. They understand our sacrifices. They understand our pain. Maybe better than most adults and more openly love you than anyone. They’ll one day see your bravery. Your strength. Your love for them. But, also don’t forget to take in the little moments. Work is needed to give them things they need, sure. But they also, and most importantly, need your love and support. They just want your attention. They just want to be heard and noticed. They love you. Have faith in that.

I have struggled with this quite a bit myself. The fight between a job and me has been more than just the ability to find a place that will hire someone who’s never worked retail. It’s wondering what I’m doing to my kid. That he won’t know me because I’m gone so much, or that he’ll hate me for being gone. It’s hard, and it makes me want to cry. But I know we can handle it, me and him. I’ll do my best and pray. That’s all I can do. And since I’m not even at that bridge yet, I’m worrying for nothing. When he’s six and doesn’t recognize me or sixteen and hates me, then I’ll be worried. For now, I’m just enjoying the moment. And making memories with him.

Well, that’s my short bit for tonight.

A note to all the single parents. Keep at it. It’ll get easier, even if it doesn’t feel like it. And you can do it. Don’t let anyone tell you how to raise your kid, how to love them, or that you’re doing it wrong. Beyond stuff that’s common sense, only you can know. And it’s a lot harder to ruin them forever than you think. You won’t break them. So, go out there and stand. It’s hard. It’s new and we’re still wet behind the ears from being a kid ourselves, but you can do it.

Changing the Scenery


So, my mood has shifted.

I reconciled a bit with myself the other day about “him” (which means I talked to my mom). Me and him didn’t end resolved. So that stung. But it’s time to move on. I’m tired of thinking about it. About him. (That will probably change on the 24th, but tonight it’s true).

It’s amazing how one little thing. A tiny thing. Something that seems infinitesimal in comparison to the big picture can change your mood. A sweet guy talks to me (and actually seems like he wants to) and I’m on top of the world. My mom would call that an opportunity to realize that I could have done it by myself all along, but I call it a happy thought.

 I think I can , I think I can fly.

Also, it helps enormously to spend the evening with friends. We went to Immortals , and as per usual (on our punchy nights) we laughed our butts off while making jokes as the movie allowed. I’m sure that the other ten people in the theatre wanted to murder us for our very loud announcing of the obvious and our sarcastic (though hilarious) banter. We were whispering, but whispering is relative.  We seemingly acted as though we didn’t care. I haven’t laughed or had so much fun in a while. It was a blast. On top of it, I personally applaud them in their ability to not show unneccessary scenes of female nudity “just cause we can”. I believe in a fair court. Naked women, naked men. Lately there’s been too much random nude scenes, “cause we’re men and we like boobs”. Was the story line not good enough? Moving on, my brother commented loudly that they took a dump on Greek mythology (which I assumed negated the fact that a member of our foursome was a loud laugh-er and also emphasised his knowledge and love of the original and more able mythology). There was, “On a boat” during the wave scene. Comments about the Minotaur being a chef (he was wielding a cleaver after all). Magic bows growing out of cocoon rocks. The pincer helmet (what was up with that???). And the cure to the problems of your life and heritage being rock hard abs. A good night all in all.

All they needed was the main character to don a pair of aviators and it would have been complete.

Anyway, my mood officially lightened. Plus, I’m getting my first ever perscription pair of sunglasses! It’s going to take me a while to pay them off, but I’m making credit and I am very excited about feeling like a “boss” in my new shades.

Yay epicness.

Go me:}



Stressed Single-Mom Syndrome–a mutated post


Mom Stress Syndrome..though the amount and type of symptoms and signs vary and grow and change constantly, these are a few

-You live in a constant state of ADHD (attention deficit housework disorder). It’s always started but never fully completed.

-You may look down at your watch 3 times and still not know the time.

-You make as many outfit changes as a star at the Oscars

-Drinking a cup of hot liquid without once heating it up calls for Chariots of Fire music

-You understand your parents a little more (gasp!)

-The times that you do your hair, put on makeup, and wear a cute outfit, you will see no one of importance. The day you’re covered in puke and your hair is a mess and you look like a zombie, the guy you like will drop by your house with a friend..and you think, “really?!”

-Watching childhood movies with your kid induces a realization of how little you knew or noticed about it when you were younger.

-A day out of the house makes you feel like you’re a super hero

-You forget to believe happy ever after happens in more than just movies and books

 -You realize you’ve had your Dvd’s from Redbox for a week..and still havent watched them because every night was either bath night or you fell asleep right after dinner (or maybe you were blogging)

 -It’s NEVER too late in the day for coffee or chocolate

 -You find yourself humming, “When you sing your scales and your arpeggios” the shower

-An empty house is painful when you’re used to chaos so you start asking the dogs what’s on the television or if the mail came yet. Desperate meaningless conversations become the norm.

-You learn to do almost everything one-handed: cleaning, eating, feeding dogs, doing laundry, washing dishes,or even using the restroom

 -You turn the TV on when no one’s home just for noise because silence is just plain weird.

 -It feels weird to NOT have your kid with you, but you somehow wish it didn’t sometimes (usually about the third diaper change you wake up to)

 -You are perpetually 10 minutes late to all your appointments (even if you try to leave extra early) & if you’re on time, you consider it getting there early.

 -You worry all the time about where diapers, wipes, and socks much so that you forget where you put them once you found them.

 -You carry at least five separate lists at all times: groceries (or errands), chores, daily functions (have to remember to brush my teeth!), extra curricular (anything else), and mental lists.

-Bowel movements are exciting (yay poop!)…and the big ones cause mental panic and freezing as you try to determine the best avenue of attack

-Where, before, you got excited about clothing or art designs and were an expert on what the new song of the week was, now you get excited about the design on diapers, sleeping schedules and an expert on stains

 -You make food choices at times, that you never would have accepted before, for the sake of convenience and time restraints and you consider anything not cooked in a toaster oven or coming (in any part) out of a box to be gourmet food.

-You find more strength than you had for even yourself before, everyday..but often are frustrated for no reason 

-You accidentally call people on the phone, at the store, or even animals: sweetie, pumpkin, baby, monkey, bobo, duder or twinkletoes. Yes, it can happen.

-You cry during shows where babies are born or even during commercials

 -“What’s his name?” induces a Pavlovian response where you spell out his ENTIRE name

 -You count your blessings before you count your money

 -You don’t mind the hallucinations caused by lack of sleep because after all it’s free entertainment!

 -You no longer care in the same way about the size of your stomach, cause after all, after it’s been that stretched anything else looks good.

 -Buying an item not on sale induces rapid breathing and panic as you categorize and mentally survey bank accounts, coupons, diapers, and meal plans.

-It’s only been six months, but it feels like an eternitiy..and since your mind was lost in the laundry two weeks ago, when people ask “how old is he?” you have a moment of Jeopardy-like distress (which induces looks of worry from onlookers of whether there should be an amber alert)

 -When having previously mentioned “talks” with the dogs, you refer to the baby as their “brother”..this induces phrases like, “don’t squish your brother” or “dont lick your brother so much” or “your brother’s socks are not a snack”

-Over use of caffeine, under use of adult beverages

 -Eye brow maintenance is the first thing to go…and when you do it, it’s one-handed and leaning over using the reflection in the television.

 -You stress over posting a list like this for fear you’re the only freak in town.

-You find more love than you knew you were capable of